Holy Shit Hole! Heís President

©2016 Garrett Clevenger


EmBEm†††††††††† Holy shit hole! ††††††††††††† He's president.

EmBAB†††††††† How do I explain ††††††††† that shit to my kid?

AGB††††††††††††† Our countryís now run by a total piece of shit.


EmBEm†††††††††† The one true thing he saidís††† the system's rigged.

EmBAB†††††††† If you got a billion bucks ††††††† you'll get the gig.

AGB††††††††††††† You can buy anyone, ††† then theyíll do your bid.


EmBEm†††††††††† He don't need to show his tax returns.

EmBAB†††††††† He don't need to pay †††† the contractors he burns.

AGB††††††††††††† He just rambles on, †††††† incoherent as he spurns.


EmBEm†††††††††† Who really needs to be †††††††††† a nice guy.

EmBAB†††††††† Get too close †††††† I'll poke you ††††††† in the eye.

AGB††††††††††††† Follow the Trump role: take the whole pie.



CDG D C†††††††† Well we ain't gonna ††††† let that shithead †† build the wall.

GDEm†††††††††††† He can take his racist ass †††††† and heart that's so small

CDG††††††††††††† and stuff it up †††† his shit hole.


EmBEm†††††††††† Once there was a bug ††† caught in a web.

EmBAB†††††††† I saw itís wings glisten and thought it was dead.

AGB††††††††††††† It fluttered real hard ††††† and escaped the dread.


EmBEm†††††††††† So when the tide has turned †† and swamps past the coast.

EmBAB†††††††† When you think the country †† is inevitably toast.

AGB††††††††††††† Donít just let the shitheads ††† rampage as they boast.


EmBEm†††††††††† Youíve got to stand up†††††††††† for whatís right.

EmBAB†††††††† Donít just take it lying down. Put up a fight

AGB††††††††††††† or else you may find yourselfhanging in the night.