Heartbreak Hotel

2001 Garrett Clevenger


A D x?

A D A A7 Heartbreak Hotel, in a little place called hell.

D E About the size of the hole in that's in your heart.


A D A Asus2 Heartbreak Hotel, there's no need to ring the bell. They

G D heard you scream when your soul was torn apart.


A A7 It rang out into the night, burning the blue vacant light. Now you're

D E on the road to the Heartbreak Ho-

A D tel.


Heartbreak Hotel, when you have lost the spell.

You might chose to stay for years on end.

Heartbreak Hotel, just crawl into your shell. You

never know, you might meet a friend.

When the rain pours from the storm,

and the vacant light turns on, you're

bound to find the Heartbreak Hotel.


Heartbreak Hotel, when both your eyes have swelled. They

provide the towels and tissues all for free.

Heartbreak Hotel, like a tree that has been felled. You'll be

left alone, this they guarantee.

You can check in anytime,

there's always a blue vacant sign. So

make your way to the Heartbreak Hotel.


Heartbreak Hotel, they'll heal you 'til you're well.

You won't need a key, there's no lock on the door.

Heartbreak Hotel, for those about to yell. You can

share the bed of a million guests before.

There's a blue sign up ahead,

like the blue mind in your head. You'll

find your way to the Heartbreak Hotel.


Heartbreak Hotel, when there's nothing left to sell.

You can pay your way with pain and misery.

Heartbreak Hotel, where all the rooms do smell, the

stench of hearts that burn with jealousy.

When there's nothing left to say,

but the thought won't go away. Just

plan to stay at the Heartbreak Hotel.


Heartbreak Hotel, in a lonely place called hell.

Where the sheets are cold and all the food tastes bland.

Heartbreak Hotel, they'll even split the bill.

Spread the word, they're planning to expand.

In the night before the dawn,

and the vacant light's still on, you've

already found the Heartbreak Hotel.