Hanging Blues

©2001 Garrett Clevenger


C#m riff        E  

F#  A             G#   G#7



B                 Somewhere in our fears there's a

F#   F#m     reason I'm colored

C#m            blue.

B                 Somewhere in our tears there's a

F#   F#m     season. I'm changing,

C#m            too.

E                 The tears that fall is the rain that soaks the

F#   A          pain within my heart that's hanging

G#  G#7      cold.   There is a

C#m            storm.


Confusion comes on strong, like a

wave crashing over me.

I know it won't be long ‘til I

drown within this misery.

The tears that fall are the wave that drowns the

joy within my life that's hanging down.  

Here comes the storm.


AMaj7    There's a boat out on the

E              horizon.

AMaj7     Do you want to catch a

E              ride?

AMaj7    You've got to let them know you

E              need them.

F#   A      Or do you want the other

G#  G#7   side?  Why'd you want that

C#m         side?


I used to Love my Life and the

art that sparked my mind.

I only want to Love and

let my smile shine.

But the tears that fall are the clouds that

block the light within me now it's hanging

I'm in the storm.


I will not take the pain, I'm

leaving, and won't return.

I cannot keep the flame, my

weeping will not burn.

The tears that fall is the stain that taints the

life within my soul that's hanging low.

I am the storm.


There's a rope hanging from the ceiling.

But there is hope that's hanging from the sky.

A life-line to save you from this feeling.

Won't you even try?  

Why'd you want to die?