2001 Garrett Clevenger


Am riff

Am riff              I am a gypsy on my own.

Am riff              I call the whole wide world my home.

Am riff              I roam the open land 'cause

C   D                 I am free to live my Life

A   G                 away from the threat of society's knife.  So

Am  E               join me friends and lets give back the

Am                   land.


Am riff              I am a gypsy on the road.  Upon my

Am riff              back I have no load.  For I do not possess a

C   D                 token dime or a band for time.  I

A   G                 follow the ball that lights the sky.  It

Am  E               warms my Mind and keeps me on the

Am                   go.



D   A    All we want is to live Life free,

D   A    under the Sun, feeling its heat,

D   A    feeling our Earth under our feet.  Can't you

G          see?  Let us

F#m      be.


Am riff              There are not many of us left.  For we don't

Am riff              live Life like the rest. We like to watch the birds and

C   D                 sing our songs and play our tunes,

A   G                 make sweet Love and live Life true.  It's a

Am  E               simple Life, but we try to do our

Am                   best.




{F#    G E}  jam out

F#    G   E



Repeat verse 2, then 1




Am 2ND riff