Gramsci: My Coy Kitty Boy

©2020 Garrett Clevenger

Open D


D riff   It started out like any day. 

D riff   Didn’t see you coming. Didn’t see you coming.

D riff   I was walking you came my way. 

D riff   Did you see me coming? Did you see me coming?


A    D   You followed me.

A    D   That made me so happy.


D riff   A lost, lonely kitty cat. Where is your home?

D riff   Should’ve seen it coming. Should’ve seen it coming. 

D riff   Nowhere you said. You were all alone.

D riff   You knew where we‘re going. You knew where we’re going.


A    D   You found a home 

A    D   when you made me yours.



C  A}


C  A



D riff   I gave you my love. That prepared me for more. 

D riff   My family was growing. My family was growing. 

D riff   We all lived together. You guys I adore. 

D riff   Your drool would be flowing ‘til you found that annoying.


A    D   You always liked your space.

A    D   Freedom you loved from the first taste. 


D riff   All the years passed are memories.

D riff   In my mind they’re playing. In my mind they’re playing.

D riff   I’ll always be glad you came home with me. 

D riff   Thank you for staying. Thank you for staying.


A    D   You brought me such joy.

A    D   Gramsci, my coy kitty boy. 



C  A

C  A

C  A