Good Friday



Am†† D††† 2x


Am†† D††† Weíve been avoiding this †††††††††††† for too long.

Am†† D††† Luxury is temporary ††††† then itís gone.

Am†† D††† I thought that we would happen, †† I guess Iím wrong.

Am†† D††† Well say "hi" on the street,††† †††††† Then well move along.

Am†† D††† I know this will be awkward,††††††††† †††††††† but not for long

Am†† D††† Cause soon youíll have a new boy† †††††††††††† to sing you songs.



G†† FC ††††† I will not forgive you, no.

G†† FC ††††† Nor will I accept the blame.

G†† FC ††††† I will see you on Good Friday

C†† Em††††††††† On Good Friday.


Am†† D††† Iím sorry I couldnít do this †††††††††† yesterday.

Am†† D††† And tomorrow I am busy† ††††††††††† and what it is I canít say.

Am†† D††† And Saturday is no good, you see† we got a show.

Am†† D††† So itís got to be good Friday.†††††††† Then itís "so long."





A††† D†† You, you come and go when you please

A††† D†† I know unfulfilled heads

A††† D†† I know you do too

E†††††††††††† But, you know I never see

A††††††††††† Things through,†††† Never paid attention to you

D††††††††††† But honey I tried.



C††††††††††† Good Friday

C††††††††††† Good Friday

Em†††††††† Oh yes I will..