Goin' To War
©2005 Garrett Clevenger

F     C  F          
Whoa, whoa, we're goin' to war.
F     C               Whoa, we're goin' to go to war.
Bb Gm F Dm   We've got no choice but to send our girls and boys.
F    Bb  F          So pack your bags, we're goin' to war.

Bb   F               Hey, George, you're sending us to war.
C     F               You say they need us to point them toward
Bb   F  Dm       democracy and ever-lasting peace.
C    Bb  F         Our shock and awe they will adore.

Bb   F               We are good soldiers. We obey your orders.
C     F               We don't think twice 'cause we trust our leaders
Bb   F  Dm       when they say Iraq with bioweapons will attack
C    Bb  F         unless we strike first. That's the cure.


Bb   F            
  It's only a coincidence
C     F               that tons of oil lies beneath their sands.
Bb   F  Dm       We can sell oil to pay for the war.
C    Bb  F         We'll be heroes throughout all the lands.

Bb   F               Hundreds of billions it will cost.
C     F               and tens of thousands lives will be lost.
Bb   F  Dm       It's a small price to pay to spread freedom, I say.
C    Bb  F         Unless, of course, we've been double-crossed.


Bb   F            
  The Middle East will soon see.
C     F               Democracy's not always what it seems.
Bb   F  Dm       'Cause money corrodes as nearby bombs explode.
C    Bb  F         Just like in most any regime.

Bb   F            
  We now all know we have all been misled
C     F               The only ones who don't care now are dead.
Bb   F  Dm       the rest of us are here to make it crystal clear
C    Bb  F         We remember the ones who said,


G    D  G
          Whoa, whoa, we've gone to war.
G    D                We'll show George and Dick a real war.
C Am G Em     We've got no choice but to impeach those Good Ol' Boys,
G    C  G           the ones who declared we're at war.
G    C  G   
       The ones who brought us to war.
G    C  G           The ones who run this unjust war.
G    C  G           The ones who only think of war.
G    C  G           The ones who've never served in war.
G    C  G           The ones who want a world war.
G    C  G           The ones we won't let lead anymore.
G    D  G            So pack your bags, we're goin' to war!