Get More Torture At Gitmo

©2010 Garrett Clevenger



{E D A D } {E   D A }



{E D A D } {E   D A }          You’re gonna get more torture at Gitmo.   x 4


G    A    E    D A        You say you're masocistic.  I got a plan.

G    A    E                     Become terroristic towards the homeland,

A    G        B              And when they catch you, you know where you're gonna go? You’re goin' to Gitmo.


{chorus} x2


G    A    E    D A        After your first whipin', you'll beg for more.

G    A    E                     Next comes waterboarding, you'll never get bored.

A    G        B              Then electrocution, as dogs run through the door.  You’re goin' to get more.


{chorus} x2


jam verse


{chorus} x2


G    A    E    D A        It may be addicting and you need some help

G    A    E                     just like the poor people rulin' your cell.

A    G        B              How do you think they feel deep down in their soul for lickin’ you at Gitmo?


{chorus} x2


{E D A }  x2             Not like your mama’s favorite bar.            You come here, we'll take you far.

{E D A }  x2             Whether you are bad or good                  makes little difference, understood.

{E D A }  x2             We got racks and ropes and chains.          We'll rock your body and shock your brain.

{E D A }  x2             We can't even operate                              on soil of the United States.

{E D A }  x2             But they won't ever shut us down.           So get your kicks and come on down to Gitmo.


{chorus} x2


{E D A D } {E   D A }



{E D A D } {E   D A }          You’re gonna get more torture at Gitmo.   x 4


E tortured