Freedom of Expression

2007 Garrett Clevenger


D    Bm            Flashback             to the future,                  to a time      long ago,

Em   A              when I                was a baby           needin'        my mama to hold.


D    Bm            Now I'm your daddy holdin' you tight,         seein'                   in your eyes

Em   A              my reflection        and desire             to insure      you'll have a life


D    Bm            of freedom  of expression.                I just hope you won't yell at me.

Em   A              But if I'm doin'     somethin' wrong,  you'll be      the first to see


D    Bm            my hypocrisy       and my anger                 and my will          to set you strait,

Em   A              although sometimes that's pure ego    and even     based on hate.



Bm  A  Em    Oh, let freedom reign

Bm  A  Em    when it's fightin' for what's sane

Bm  A    G   'cause if hope isn't there, the dream will surely die

Em  Bm  D    and all he blood spilt is in vein.  Was it worth the try?


D    Bm            There are people    who frustrate                 and I'm scared to speak my mind,

Em   A              but then the feeling, it just hits me,     then I'll spend all my time.


D    Bm            No one pays         for my opinion      and I may even pay a price,

Em   A              but there are others who are helpless  and those    who gave their life.


D    Bm            Speaking              truth to power                and standin' up for what's right.

Em   A              The Constitution and Declaration        of Independence are worth the fight.


D    Bm            When you grow    into and adult,                I'm sure      you'll see some things

Em   A              that are disturbing and unjust             and make you want to sing: