Freaky Flea

2001 Garrett Clevenger


Sometimes I feel like I am just a freak

Alone with one who cannot speak

I showed you who I am and you turn and run away

It wouldn't be so bad if you hadn't come to play

A mirrors not what you want, it makes you feel week

A weight upon your back, crack, there's nothing left to break

Now there's two of you, and I can't see myself.


Sometimes I think you are a really just a flea.

bouncing in my head and sucking endlessly.

I gave you what I wanted, you took what I need.

Though I'm itching hard, I'm hoping that you'll feed.

Again upon my limb, I'll let you suck me dry.

Maybe you will leave me tears so my eyes still can cry

Wisdom is for wisemen while woman are for fools.