Food For Thought

©2008 Garrett Clevenger


B7                       It's warmer than a breadbox

C#7                    and better than apple pie.

F#7  E7             It comes in many flavors

B7                       and always makes you cry.


B7                       Cry throughout the daytime.

C#7                    Cry out in the night.

F#7  E7             When it's gone you'll want it again

B7                       'cause it make you feel alright.



F#7             B7           You probably want some right now.

C#7   F#7   B7             So go and get it and chow.

F#7             B7           The more that you eat, the more you'll want some more

C#7   F#7   B7             food for thought.  What's yours?


B7                       Sometimes you are tired.

C#7                    You only want to sleep.

F#7  E7             You just need to slumber.

B7                       I hope it'll be deep.


B7                       When you have arisen,

C#7                    your appetite will grow.

F#7  E7             There's just one thing that satiates

B7                       your hunger, you know.




B7                       The whole world is full

C#7                    with food for everyone.

F#7  E7             It may take some effort

B7                       to fill yourself with some.


B7                       There's no reason to starve.

C#7                    There's no need to go without.

F#7  E7             You shouldn't neglect yourself.

B7                       Of this, I have no doubt.




E        B7                         Food for thought.                         




E        B7                         Food for thought.  X3

C#7   F#7   B7             food for thought.