Feed the Flame
2003 Garrett Clevenger

E                 When the sun sets and night arrives and the
Am             Moonshines in your eyes, we’ll feel the
E                 fire as we
F#m   F#     rise.  we'll feel the
Bm    B       fire as we
Em    E       rise.

E                 You are my woman and I’m your man.  We are
Am              Lovers in this land.  Like a
E                 flower in our
F#m   F#     hand.  Like a
Bm    B       flower in our
Em    E       hand.

E                 You give your Love to me tonight.  You
Am              surround me with your light and your
E                 touches bring
F#m   F#     delight.  And your
Bm    B       touches bring
Em    E       delight.

A   Am     Esus4    E
A   Am     E
A   Am    E        F#m
Bm  B
Em E

We feel the Earth shake as we make love and the
Am              Heaven’s spin above.  We are the
E                 power and center
F#m   F#     of.  We are the
Bm    B       power and center
Em    E       of

E                 Love.  You gasp my name.  Like a
Am              magnet I’m pulled the same. We feel the
E                 fire and feed the
F#m   F#     flame.  We feel the
Bm    B       fire and feed the  
Em    E       flame.  We feel the
Am    A      fire and feed the  
Dm    D      flame.  We feel the
Gm    G      fire and feed the  
Cm    C       flame.  We feel the
Fm    F       fire and feed the
Bbm  Bb    flame.  We feel the
Ebm  Eb     fire and feed the
Abm  Ab    flame.  We feel the
Dbm  Db    fire and feed the
F#m  F#      flame.  We feel the
Bm              fire
B                  fire and feed the
Em    E       flame.