©2006 Garrett Clevenger

Family, this is the first Christmas I
E             will not be with you to celebrate the
F#m         Holidays, and we all feel for the
C#m         tragedy, that took away a member
D   Dm     leaving a memory for our

A              Family. I bring no gifts this year, I’m
E              sorry. I thought, “what does stuff mean,
F#m         anyway?” I could have shopped online on
C#m         Ebay. Instead I put myself in song and
D   Dm     say, “I really love my

A              Family. Though we’re not much different from the
E              monkeys, who fight and push to try and get their
F#m         way. We’ve all got the same
C#m         DNA. My Ma and Pa and Gramps and
D   Dm     sis Gaiwee. Thanks for being my

A             Family.             E             Family.
F#m        Family.             C#m        Family.
D   Dm     A             Family.

B    E
   There’s a baby in the womb.
B    E
   Soon there won’t be more room.
A    E    Another member’s on the way.
A    E
   Next Christmas will blow this one away.
Em  D   Dm    

             Family, you’re all so very, very
E              far away. We each are different in our
F#m         own way, exploring the world our ancestor’s
C#m         gave, leaving their genetic
D   Dm     legacy. Keeping us close as

A              Family. May this next year’s
E              reality fulfill your dreams and soon
F#m         you will see Tabitha’s and my
C#m         baby. All that’s left’s to wait
D   Dm     patiently for the newest member of our
A             Family.             E             Family.
F#m        Family.             C#m        Family.
D   Dm     A             Family.     Keeping us close as Family.”