Faces Remain

2009 Garrett Clevenger


C    G                    There's a face  in my head.

Em  F  C  G          A face I've seen before.

Am    F                  It's a face        from my past.

C  G  C  G            I see there's many more.


C    G                    20 years          since high school.

Em  F  C  G          It seems like yesterday

Am    F                  since I last      saw them.

C  G  C  G            Time just slips away.



Am    C       The gears of time

Em    C       make the years roll by

F    G          still faces remain

C                 in my mind.


C    G                    Go on back      even farther

Em  F  C  G          before your first kiss

Am    F                  when your friends       were still kids.

C  G  C  G            Ignorance was bliss.


C    G                    Look ahead.     What do you see?

Em  F  C  G          Your future's history!

Am    F                  There's a whole          world full

C  G  C  G            of faces you will meet.


{chorus}  x2 


F    G        Faces remain...