Every Space

©2001 Garrett Clevenger



E riff  

A            I bet you under that rock lives a worm and probably a few other bugs who like to

E riff      squirm.

A           $20 say they grooving today digging through the ground, not needing to

E riff      pay.

G     C    I bet someone will try to steal that rock off from their

B7          head.

E riff   X2  



I bet if somebody steals that rock, the talk of the town will be, "Aaaaahhhhh!!!

"Holy Shit! Run for your Life!  Grab the kids.  Don't forget the wife!

Head for the hills as fast as you can, or you're gonna be dead."



F#m  G   Bm  C#m     Or should I say in a simpler way

A    G    D     C           "That you and I would feel the same.

F#m  G   Bm  C#m     So watch your step when you tread or

A    G    D     C           Sun one's ant, mite or bee dead."

C 7

E riff   X2  



I bet you when that tree fell down a 1000 million things heard it fall to the ground.

About a 1000 million things depend on it, grubbing it up and down and back to shit.

and that shit feeds the flora that feeds the fauna that feeds you.



I bet that if you take that tree grind it into pulp and give that paper to me

me gonna write this song right now cause a 1000 million things are screaming loud.

"You're bloody rape it really makes us blue!"



It sucks to say but, "Everyday a wild place just 'goes away.'

concrete, an oily street, another cheesy place to eat.”



I bet you near that stream over there a bird caught a fish caught a bug that caught some air.

Back up in her little chickies nest momma coughs up only the very best.

Next thing you know he's spreading his wings and hovering over the scene.



I bet that bird's gonna see a strange sight mile after mile after mile of neon lights.

They attract little bugs that feed bigger mice that tempt the bird who did not think twice.  A

careless car caught the bird and striped it's feathers clean.



It's sad to say but, "People today don't give a shit about this place.

Face the facts.  It's plain to see when it's gone where we will be."



I bet you if I lost that bet I'd shout with joy and gladly pay my debt.

I'd give everything just to see one brief moment of world-wide ecstasy.

No one needs to buy freedom, ‘cause we all share the key.



The odds are, though, I'd rake it in, ‘cause things today are as they've always been.

No one can escape the blame, we all are dying just to play the game.

"Give me what I want right now or I am going to scream!"



There is still a chance to save our burning world from It's grave.

lift up your head, put down the knife, in joy, the view, respect all Life.


F#m    G          E            F#m    G       E        B7  

F#m    G          E            F#m    G       A        G

G      A            B7           B7 (prolonged B7)    E