Everybody Party

©2016 Garrett Clevenger


E                      Out in the back woods        behind grandpa's well
A        E            we run the still          and we always will
B        E            'cause the people in the city        can't get their fill.

E                      The moon shines bright     on the mash tun tonight
A        E            just like it did    in grandpa's day.
B        E            He was the first outlaw.       It was the redneck way.

A        E            Heat up some water. Throw in some grain.
A        B            Out comes the tonic   to feed your brain.

E                      Now by the still         we grow some herbs.
A        E            Spread the word        'til all have heard.
B        E            We plan a celebration.        We’re gonna fly like birds.

E                      Uncle Sam's invited   though he's always late
A        E            to the party      and the people in the street
B        E            who just enjoy a        party for everybody.

A        E            Plant it in the soil.     Let it reign.
A        B            Out comes the chronic        to feed your brain.

E                      Trump is drunk as Bernie   who tokes a big, fat spleef
A        E            while Hillary     mixes the best drinks
B        E            for all the county’s hippies         and the Tea Party.

E                      We all come together          to dance and sing.
A        E            Everybody brings      their favorite things.
B        E            The party gets more crazy when Bush and Carter ring.

A        E            Leave your politics behind and board the train.
A        B            Party with everybody        and feed your brain!


E                      Everybody party! Party everybody!
A        E            Everybody party! Party everybody!
B        E            Everybody party! Party everybody!