Ethan Sur Clevinner

©2016 Garrett Clevenger



{C    G     Ethan is super strong and we love him.} x2

C            He is Ethan Sur Clevinner
C    G      He had a bumpy start       in the world.
F    C      But he will get along        because he's super strong
C  G  C    and be friends         with all the boys and girls.

C            Sometimes things    don’t go as planned.
C    G      He started as   a tiny baby man.
F    C      Luckily he’s strong and made the right from wrong.
C  G  C    and joined       Kristin and Garrett’s clan.


C            He needed       to heal     for a while.
C    G      When he came home        we wore a smile
F    C      He’s our little boy    who brings us endless joy.
C  G  C    With him        we've got some style.

C            Everyday        he grows stronger.
C    G      His cheeks got chub         and body’s longer.
F    C      One day he will be    just as big as me.
C  G  C    But always he'll be my      Bubby Bonger.


Bb G Bb F C       Ethan       Sur   Clevinner.

Bb G Bb F C       Welcome    to     our world.

Bb G Bb F C       We will sing you this song

Bb G Bb F G       ‘cause you are super strong!