©2017 Garrett Clevenger



B                       Ethanini.

B                       Ethan you know.

F#                     Ethan he needs

B                       to get up and go.

B                       Ethanini.

E                        Ethan no no.

B                       Ethan you need

F#    E            to just go slow.


B      F#          My baby is crazy                    when he's all wound up.

E      B            He just wants to see everything   and press his luck.

B      F#          Sometimes it pays off.                     He discovers new things. 

E      B            Like climbing up the stairs            and throwing my things. 




B      F#          Or else you're going to wind up crying in pain

E      B            because you shut the door                           on your fingers again.

B      F#          Maybe you fell off               the couch on your face. 

E      B            In time you’re gonna learn the world’s  a dangerous place.




B      F#          Bouncin’ and boppin                     all over town. 

E      B            I love seein’ you                                 bein’ a clown.

B      F#          You've got a great smile                 and an even better laugh.

E      B            There's not much more I love       then being your dad.