Elvis Lives in Songs

©2007 Garrett Clevenger


E                           Do You Know Who I Am,               Doin' The Best I Can,

A    E    B  A  E    Stuck On You,        Little Darlin',

                             That's When          Your Heartaches Begin,


E                           Anyway You Want Me,              I Got A Feeling In My Body,

A    E    B  A  E    Ain't That Loving You Baby,           Help Me, Release Me,


E                           A Boy Like Me,                               A Girl Like You,

A    E    B  A  E    As Long As I Have You,             Blue Moon, Don't Be Cruel,


E                           Fire Down Below,                                      Baby Don't Ya Know,

A    E    B  A  E    Can't Help Falling in Love,             Shake Rattle And Roll,


E                           Are You Lonesome Tonight?,        That's My Desire, 

A    E    B  A  E    Always On My Mind,                       Doncha' Think It's Time,


E                           Tender        Feeling,                       I Believe,

A    E    B  A  E    Find Out What's Happening,      Dirty Dirty Feeling, Let Me,



A                          Elvis lives in songs.                        Songs live in us,

         E                 there’s always one                                     playing in our head.

B       A                The seeds of the King’s songs      grew in rock and roll. 

B  A  E                 There’s no way                               we’d ever call him dead.


E                           Almost Always True,                      I Beg Of You,

A    E    B  A  E    When It Rains It Really Pours,       Dear Lord, No More,


E                           Girls, Girls, Girls,                            I Can Help,

A    E    B  A  E    How Do You Think I Feel,       Earth Angel, Adam and Evil,


E                           Hey Hey Hey,                                 Harem Holiday,

A    E    B  A  E    Am I Ready,           I Got Lucky,

                             Come What May,   Separate Ways,


E                           Baby What You                              Want Me To Do,

A    E    B  A  E    Do Not Disturb, Who Are You,       Hurt, Loving You,


E                           Every Effort has Been Made,   All I Needed Was The Rain,

A    E    B  A  E    You've Lost            That Lovin' Feelin',

                             Easy Question,      Fools Rush In,


E                           That's All Right Mama,                   I Got A Woman,

A    E    B  A  E    All Shook Up,          All That I Am,

                             Promised Land,     Big Boss Man, 




E                           A Little Bit Of Green,                      Memories,

A    E    B  A  E    That's What You Get For Loving Me,

                             How Would You     Like To Be,


E                           An Evening Prayer,                        Are You Sincere,

A    E    B  A  E    Didja' Ever,             Love Me Tender,

                             Finders Keepers    Losers Weepers,


E                           By And By,                                     Don't Ask Me Why,

A    E    B  A  E    A Fool Such as I,                            I Apologize,


E                           I Gotta Know,                                 He'll Have To Go,

A    E    B  A  E    And I Love You So,                         Easy Come Easy Go,


E                           After Loving You,                            Blue Suede Shoes,

A    E    B  A  E    Anything That's Part Of You,  I Don't Want To,  Big Boots,


E                           Hound Dog,            Hard Luck,       Jailhouse Rock,

A    E    B  A  E    Baby,  What's Wrong?,        I Got Stung, Beginner's Luck,


E                           Goin' Home,                                   A World Of Our Own,

A    E    B  A  E    At The End Of The Road,     Almost, A Thing Called Love,