©2004 Garrett Clevenger

    Take a look around you. What do you see? Some furniture and people like me.
F      We are here.
G     Look up above you into the sky. What do you see way up
F      high, in the sky?
G     Now jump in the air but don’t come down. Keep floatin’ up, way up
F      high, into the sky.
G     Look down below you. What do you see? Buildings and cars and tiny me.
F.............. We all look small.

G     The higher you go, the more you’ll see, the wider the view of all that’s Earthly.
F      It’s Earth you see.
G     The deep blue ocean and green forest trees, the white clouds that blanket all in between.
F      It all seems so connected.
G     Take a minute or two to soak it all in. Then turn around. What do you see?
F      Mostly empty space.
G     What other planets can you call home? Where would you go if you turned around and
F      Earth’s gone. Where would you go?
G     Where would you go?
F.............. Where would you go?

G     Don’t worry though, there’s nothing to fear. Turn your self around, we are still here.
F      We are still here.
G     All of your friends and family you love and all the other creatures you know nothing of.
F      We’re down here.
G     Look down here. What would you do? What would you do without this planet
     below you. What would you do?
G     What would you do?
     What would you do?
G     What would you do
without Earth?

G     Make your way down through the atmosphere. After breathing space our air’s not so clear.
F      It’s not so clear.
G     You pro’bly see smoke and smog all around from the concrete jungle down on the ground
F      in our town.
G     It’s hard to see the affect we bring from a ground based view. That’s why visual-
F      izing can help you see
G     that Earth is our only home. There ain’t no other planet we can
F      move to when this one’s gone.
G     Look down below as the tears from your eyes fall to the ground like rain from the
F      sky from way up high.
G     Now whenever you see the rain falling, you know that another person is up here
F.............. looking down at Earth.