Dream, Baby, Dream

©2008 Garrett Clevenger


C                Run, run, run, baby, run

Am             all night long.

G                Who needs sleep

F    G          when the worlds so deep?


C                Swim, swim, swim, baby, swim

Am             while you can.

G                There's tons of time

F    G          to calm your mind.


C                Dream, dream, dream, baby, dream

Am             what tomorrow brings.

G                And when you do

F    G          we'll be here for you.



Am  G        Now's the time              

F     C         to close your eyes

Am  G         and sleep, baby, sleep and 

F     G  C    dream, baby, dream.


C                Wake, wake, wake, baby, wake.

Am             It's another day

G                to run and play

F    G          carefree and gay.


C                Sing, sing, sing, baby, sing

Am             all your dreams.

G                Play real hard

F    G          gettin' good and tired.