©2015 Garrett Clevenger


B  E      I had the worst nightmare that I ever had
D  A      but woke in the most beautiful dream.
B  E      A monster ate my family, comin' out of the blue.
D  A      But now I'm lying next to you.

B  E      Losin’ my family: the worst thing.
D  A      But building one with you is the best.
B  E      Lose out on my sons life. Grabbed by a beast.
D  A      Rescued by a damsel impressed.


D A B  A D B    Nightmares make you weep, loose precious sleep.
D  A  B              But you're saved when you're able to dream.

B  E      I was a corpse so sweaty yet chilly to core.
D  A      Now I'm real. I never felt so alive.
B  E      I was a demon in hell, the fires swept all around.
D  A      Now I'm in heaven and we're ready to drive.

{Jam through verse and chorus}

D          Dream.
A          Dream.

{Dream Jam}

B  E
      Pain's debilitatin'. It can drive you insane.
D  A      But love’ll heal a hellish scene.
B  E      When it breaks down. Armegeddon.
D  A      Let true love wipe it clean.


{Dream Jam}