Come On

©2001 Garrett Clevenger

Em    Am





Em    Come on cross the threshold.

Am    Come on cross the line that you have drawn.

Em    Am  

Em    Come on stretch your comfort.

Am    Come on stretch your limits 'til they're gone.

Em    Am  

     Break down your walls.

C       Break all your laws.

B       Don't be a pawn.


Em    Come on seize the moment.  

Am    Come on seize the motion in your mind.

Em    Am  

Em    Come on grasp your bad thoughts.  

Am    Come on grasp the thoughts that aren't kind.

Em    Am  

  Throw them in the fire.  

  Melt the mirk and mire.  

  Redraw the line.


Em    Come on lift your head up.  

Am    Come on lift your heart into the sky.

Em    Am  

Em    Come on feel the presence.  

Am    Come on feel the essence of your mind.

Em    Am  

  Let it unfurl.  

  Polish your pearl.  

  It'll always shine.