Bumper Sticker For Your Soul       

©2010 Garrett Clevenger


G    C          I'm proud to be an American.    I've got that sticker on my car.

D    G          Even though it's made in Japan,          'cept for one or two parts.

G    C          I'm proud I'm born in the USA. There ain't no place I'd rather be.

D    G          Even though my sticker you see's       from China, that's ok.


G    C          I'm savin' a whale,           that's what my sticker says.

D    G          Even though every gallon I burn         makes tarballs that kill the squids.

G    C          I'm also savin' some wilderness,          from the Rockies to Amazon,

D    G          even though my stickers release          toxins that carry on.



C D D C G           Bumper stickers for geeks and hippies,         sports fans and God's nuts.

C Am  Em            Every political party’s    got bumper stickers         that spill their guts.

C D D C Em         Bumper sticker for your business.       Stick your money in the hole.

C Am D G            Bumper sticker for your love.             Bumper sticker for your soul.


G    C          I'm a fish lovin' Christian.         There's one stuck on my rear.

D    G          Even though I can act like a chimp,    I sometimes let God steer.

G    C          I'm fishin' for redemption           in a land of temptation.

D    G          Even though my sticker's a fish           I got my frustrations.


G    C          I'm a Tea Party patriot.   My NRA sticker's up to date,

D    G          even though Militias       the 2nd 'mendment says regulate.

G    C          I'm tellin' the govenmint, keep yer paws off my guns,

D    G          even though my sticker will mean       more guns will kill our sons.






G    C          I'm heading to college.    My bumper's almost full.

D    G          Even though my parents are proud,     of shit I'm often full.

G    C          I'm heading down the highway           of life on cruise control.

D    G          Even though some stickers are torn    it's 'cause also's my soul.


G    C          I'm a voter for Obama.    I haven't changed my sticker yet.

D    G          Even though I hoped for more, what else would we expect?

G    C          I voted for the underdog and George Bush tainted McCain.

D    G          Even though my stickers peelin', it's still eatin' that fishy-eyed Palin!