Bull-Ridin’ Bill

©2013 Garrett Clevenger




A    G    E            Bull-ridin’ Bill grabs it by the horns.

A    G    E            He's in control. There's nothing he mourns.

B    A    E           He steers it where he wants it since he was born.


A    G    E            He rides it in the morning. He rides it all day long.

A    G    E            He rides it in the evening and through this whole song.

B    A    E           He rides it when he's sleeping. He rides it right or wrong.


A    G    E            The women see him comin'. They want to ride on back.

A    G    E            The men hear the thumpin'. They know that he's the Mack.

B    A    E           The world is his oyster. There's nothin' he can't crack.


A    G    E            He rides it backwards. He rides it upside down.

A    G    E            He rides it smilin'. He rides it through the town.

B    A    E           He rides it smokin'. He rides it with a crown.


A    G    E            He's the king of the castle. He's the god up high.

A    G    E            He's the man of the hour. He's the girls' primal guy.

B    A    E           He's chargin' through his life. He ain’t ever shy.


A    G    E            There was a woman who thought she'd be the one.

A    G    E            She used all her power, shinin' like the sun.

B    A    E           He was blinded for an hour and helped her come undone.


A    G    E            She laid there as he stood up. She began to sigh.

A    G    E            He said he must be goin', starin' in her eye.

B    A    E           She hoped he'd come back soon. He didn't say goodbye.


A    G    E            He's bull ridin' Bill. He gets all he wants.

A    G    E            He's full of himself, so are the ladies he taunts.

B    A    E           They know he's just trouble. Their minds he just haunts.


A    G    E            You can be a cowboy or you can be the clown.

A    G    E            Get back up and ride it when life has thrown you down

B    A    E           or you will get trampled weepin' on the ground.


A    G    E            Be bull-ridin’ Bill. Grab it by the horns.

A    G    E            You're in control. There's nothing you will mourn.

B    A    E           Steer it where you want it. You will be reborn.


E  A G                       Ride it.


Repeat and jam