Boogie Woogie Baby

2017 Garrett Clevenger


G Em G Take your baby to the show. She really wants to go.

G Em A B She needs to get out on the town and shake and rattle her bones.

A G Em Take your baby out tonight and let her feel alright.

G B G When she gets her groove she turns on her lovelight.


G Em G As were walking, holding hands, heading to the show.

G Em A B We hear a distant trumpet blowin. My baby says, Lets go!

A G Em She pulls me hard as she runs as fast as could be.

G B G Then she says, Dont get tired. Weve still lots of dancing.



A My baby likes to boogie woogie to a rockin beat

G Em G whether shes at a bar or dancing in the street.

A Everywhere that she goes, music moves her feet.

B She cant help but feel the groove and turn up the heat.


G Em G When we walk into the bar the band all says, Hellooo!

G Em A B We were just warming up. Come on now guys, lets go.

A G Em They belt out a number no one can deny.

G B G Next thing that I know Im nineteen miles high.


G Em G My baby glides on over and gives me a smile.

G Em A B She spins me round and round while the band speeds up their style.

A G Em Then they stop completely, my baby lets me go.

G B G I cant stop my spinning so trumpet starts to blow.




G Em G Maybe you already know what Im talkin bout.

G Em A B Sometimes you see a band and you cant help but shout.

A G Em You cant help but show the world you can bounce and bump

G B G to the beatin rhythm that makes you shake your rump.



A Do you like to boogie woogie to a rockin beat,

Em whether you are at a bar or dancing in the street?

A Everywhere that you go, does music move your feet?

B If so, then feel the groove and turn up the heat.


Jam through verse