Better Believe

©2020 Garrett Clevenger

E7    A  G Break of day. Gotta get a move on. 

E7    A  G Make my pay. I’m up before dawn. 

E7    A  G Fill my cup. Wake me up.

C7    D7 The Rugrats are waiting in school and online.

E7    A  G


E7    A  G The best of days I can wear a smile.

E7    A  G But these new ways are hard to dial.

E7    A  G I’m a teacher not an IT guy.

C7    D7 On top of fearing Covid it’s taking way more time.


F        E7  Better believe I wanna leave.

F        E7  Make an escape. Fire alarm must shake.

D  E  F  G  A  Evacuate the scene or else you will hear me scream.

Am    C G Am Attention children! Get in line!

E7    G C Am Here in school or out online.

Am    C G Am Upload this into your mind. 

F  G  E I only got so much time.

Am    C G Am

E7    G C Am

Am    C G Am

F  G 

Am    C G Am This ain’t what I signed up for.

E7    G C Am See me heading out the door.

Am    C G Am I just need to rock ‘n’ roll

F    G    A For a while then I’ll feel whole.

Verse jam

E7    A  G It’s just starting. When will it end?

E7    A  G I just wanna play with my friends.

E7    A  G It’s hard for me and everyone.

C7    D7 I do what I can and remember try to have fun.


F        E7  Better believe it will get better.

F        E7  Better believe we’ll see better weather.

D  E  F  G  A  Evacuate the scene and we will find a better dream.