Be Real

2013 Garrett Clevenger


C    F                 Up around the corner                        where this road ends

G    C                you'll find a different place          to let your heart mend.

F  G  F  C           See the nearby stop sign                reminding you what's real:

F  G       C      don't give your love away             to one who doesn't feel.



F  C  G                   Be real.         Don't love a fantasy.

F  C  G                   Be real.         Don't love what you won't see.

F  C  G    C     Be real          and you will realize           reality.


C    F                       Open up a new door           and welcome a new day.

G    C                      Just close the old door      when you know it's gray.

F  G  F  C    Welcome in the sunshine that colors up your life.

F  G       C      Gives you hope there's something more             than stagnating in strife.




C    F                       A thousand million lovers            have fallen out of love.

G    C                      They all caused suffering              and heartache just because

F  G  F  C           they couldn't stand to feel              stranded out at sea,

F  G       C      but after they swam to shore        they were stronger and free.




F  C  G                   Be real.

F  C  G                   Be real            with love.