Being Young                                                                                               

©2010 Garrett Clevenger



G    C  G                   Being young, Being Young, don't stop being young.

G    C  D                    Being young, Being Young, or stop having fun.

G    C                         The whole world spins around you wherever you might run.

G  C  D  G                So don't get too dizzy or stop being young.


D    C  G                    Go on, go outside, see what you can find

C  G  C  G  D           it's all new to you, the joy and the blue.  Take your time.




D    C  G                    Don't forget to come home sometimes to see your dad.

C  G  C  G  D           Even if I’m mad I'll always be glad to see you.




D    C  G                    One day you'll see your loved ones getting old

C  G  C  G                'cause life is also cold.  The story must be told.

C  G  C  G                Time will take its toll.  The rock will lose its roll.

C  G  C  G                Become part of the whole while leaving you a hole

C  G  C  G  D           to fill with future souls. Just remember:




G  C  D  G                Just don't get too crazy or stop being young.

G  C  D  G                Please don't get too lazy or stop being young.