Baby Man

2007 Garrett Clevenger



D C G x2 Livin' in baby land lives my baby man

D C G x2 suckin' his thumb, lookin like the one who talks with all he can.


C D G x2 There' a parrot and giraffe and tiger that make him laugh

C D G x2 on his bouncy chair sittin' over there. He talks on his behalf.

A E x2 He tells them all kinds of stories, most I can't understand.

G D C D G By the look in his eyes and the way he acts surprised I can tell he's my baby man.




C D G x2 The stuffed bzzz, bzzz, bzzz, bee stings him with glee.

C D G x2 He giggles out loud 'stead of makin' a frown. Somethin' I like to see.

A E x2 He flies away in his way with all the things with wings.

G D C D G By the smile on his face he's in a good space. My baby man's the king.




C D G x2 Robots and Martian men, butterflies and Super Man,

C D G x2 lizards and frogs, cats and puppy dogs, they are all his friends

A E x2 livin' on his cloths and underwear, blankets and his toys.

G D C D G By the squeals and squocks and silly way he talks, my baby man's a happy boy.