A World Away

2001 Garrett Clevenger


E E+C riff x2

G+B+E F#+B+E F+B+E x2

E E+C riff x2


C F Sweet Colleen, my nights your day.

C F Sweet Colleen, a world away.

Am G F But you are here in me.

E F I long to reach around the world.

E F I want to make my night a pearl

G F Am G and hold you close to me today.


Sweet Colleen, I send your way.

Sweet Colleen, a Loving Ray.

It wraps around the world. And

all the people who are in between

will feel my Love for you is true, Colleen and

all their problems will just swirl away.


E E+C riff x2

G+B+E F#+B+E F+B+E

A+G+B+E G+B+E F#+B+E

B C B A B C D A G A A# x2

G+B+E F#+B+E F+B+E

E E+C riff x2


Sweet Colleen, I'm still in Love.

Sweet Colleen, I'll ride this dove

and fly around the world. If

you are sleeping, I'll wait for you.

When you are waking, I'll

come to you and I will be your pearl, my Love.


Sweet Colleen, I have a dream.

Sweet Colleen, you are my Queen

if you will take me as your King. The

Royal jester just takes a seat.

He knows my loyal gesture can't be beat. The

whole world stops to hear me sing to you...


C F Sweet Colleen [I miss you]

C F Sweet Colleen [I Love you]

C F Sweet Colleen [I need you]

Am G F I'm coming home to you.

G F Am G I'm coming home to you, my Love.

F G E+C I'm coming home to you.