Authority Blues                                                                               

©2010 Garrett Clevenger



E riff                    Authority blues.    x4


{E    D  } x2          They're ridin' their horses          outside my gate,

{E    D  } x2          controlin' the country,              rulin' the state.

A                           I hear the crackin'                     of their whips over my head.

E riff  x2    

B        D    Eb    E  They want me to bow down,     follow their lead instead.




{E    D  } x2          They dig in my pocket    for every last dime.

{E    D  } x2          They say it’s my duty.     I think it's a crime.

A                           They need all my money to fund their god-damn wars.

E riff  x2    

B        D    Eb    E  It makes me feel guilty    for condoning their horrors.




{E    D  } x2          Don't be too loud.           Leash up your old dog.

{E    D  } x2          Cover your buttocks,       your breasts and your thoughts.

A                           Follow the strait line.        Don't question what they do.

E riff  x2    

B        D    Eb    E  It wouldn't even matter.  They couldn't care less about you.




{E    D  } x2          I guess I'm a cynic.          Don't trust those above.

{E    D  } x2          Too many before them    forgot how to love.

A                           They just want to rule you 'cause they think they are right

E riff  x2    

B        D    Eb    E  and if you act different    they'll show you their might.