An Ideal Society

©2001 Garrett Clevenger


E     Esus4  x2     Salamander Sally was ready for the rally was

E     Esus4  x2     ready for the future in her head.

E     Esus4  x2     She gathered her guitar, abandoned her old car

E     Esus4  x2     remembering what Monkey Matthew said.

B7                         “Your music merges Magic with an upbeat melody

A                           “giving people power, showing us the key.”

B7                        She wandered to the place where her friends were gathering.

A                   G     She pulled out her guitar and than began to sing.

B7                         Everybody joined in to add some harmony.

A                           Their voice was like a wave.  Their power like the sea.

G    F  G   B7     A symphony of sound founded an ideal society.

E     Esus4  x8


Pollution was defeated.  Corruption just retreated. 

Poverty and racism were dead.

Guns were melted down and made into a clown. 

No one ever had a thing to dread.

The clown performed upon the needless pentagon. 

A reminder to the masses who were dancing on the lawn.

Their agenda was a joke, spending billions for a bomb. 

Developing a strategy to sing that sad war song.

Now we’ve come together, our voices loud and clear. 

It resonates to all:  there is nothing left to fear.

A symphony of sound founded an ideal society.


E     Esus4  x8

A Asus2  x3    F E D C    No more fear meant no more greed meant no more hate meant no more judgment.

A Asus2  x3    E D C F    No injustice, no more poor, no more crime and no more war

A Asus2  x3    F C D E    Meant more money for our children meant more Love for our future’s

A Asus2  x3    C D E F    in the ocean of our tears.  Right this moment hear the cheers.

G    F  G   B7                  a symphony of sound founded an ideal society

E     Esus4  x8


Nature was renourished. The forests began to flourish.  The

water and the air were pure and clean.

Peace and happiness, inspiration’s bliss. 

Everybody lived their wildest dreams.

Like the time that I was flying with an eagle in the air. 

I could see for miles.  I flew without a care.

I soared above the mountains.   I dove into a lake. 

I swam with schools of fish just for Earthly sake.

I flowed down with the river.  I poured into the sea. 

The voices were still singing.  I heard the harmony.

A symphony of sound founded an ideal society.


G         F  G   A       A symphony of sound founded an ideal society.