Amber Dreams

1995 Garrett Clevenger


E A x2 Pine sap drips upon my head as I sit underneath a tree.

E A x2 Sunlight filters through the branches as the needles dance within the breeze.

B C Feeling quite contented I close my eyes and

B A drift off into a dream and the

E A x2 pine sap keeps on dripin, soon it will bury me.



E A x2 I woke up a thousand years later. The amber had crystalized. I was

E A x2 stuck in a lotus position, looking through crystal eyes.

B C Wondering how to break through this prism when,

B A whoa, to my surprise, the

E A x2 amber began to crack and my joy began to rise.


E A x2 I wandered around the forest. I wondered which way to go. The

E A x2 path I had followed was no longer barren, the trail had been overgrown.

B C Everything was lusher, denser and brighter.

B A Everything took on a glow. So I

E A x2 set out towards the sun. I decided to follow the flow.


E A x2 The song that I heard was so hypnotizing, there was nothing that I thought. The

E A x2 feeling that I felt was so mesmerizing there was no thing that I sought.

B C The world is a very wonderful place, there is

B A no reason to stay caught. So

E A x2 open your eyes to the amber dreams, mould the iron you have wrought.


E A x4 Open your eyes. Open your mind. Open your heart. Open your life.


E A jam


E A x3 Open your eyes to the amber dreams, mould the iron you have wrought.


A hold


E end