Allah, My Child

©2007 Garrett Clevenger


F#m  D  A x4


{A   D  E  } x2      Yes, it's true, we named our kid Allah.                               (Allah, Allah,Allah)

{A   D  E  } x2      'cause all the suicidal bombers wanna blow us all apart.    (Apart, apart, Allah)

{A   D  E  } x2      They'll listen to you, Allah, Allah, they'll listen to you.      (Allah, Allah)



D          A              Allah, my child, they love you.

B   D   A             Tell them what to do.

D          A              Thou shall not kill, or be evil.

B   D   A             Allah, they'll listen to you.


F#m  D  A  x4


{A   D  E  } x2      All we gotta do is get you to learn the Koran.                     (The Koran, the Koran, Allah)

{A   D  E  } x2      Allah, then you will go to Afghanistan.                               (Afghanistan and Pakistan)

{A   D  E  } x2      Not wearin' a beard, showin' no fear 'cause you are Allah   (You are Allah, you are Allah)




F#m  D  A  x4


{A   D  E  } x2      Whenever you run into a terrorist.                                        (A terrorist, a terrorist)

{A   D  E  } x2      Give him a kiss, give him a kiss and tell him you are Allah   (You are Allah, you are Allah)

A   D  E  F#m        All of the throngs will hear you shout, "Thou shall not kill!"

F#m                     "Thou shall not kill!"


D         A               "Thou shall not kill!"