A Guy I Wouldn't Want To Know

2007 Garrett Clevenger


C Bb Ebsus2 More shots rang out into the night, for a total of 125.

C Bb Ebsus2 4 blocks away a guy lost his head. In a rampage, 4 are dead.

Ebsus2 Gm Csus2 Turn off the light and hide up in your room,

Ebsus2 Gm Csus2 realizing for many this ain't new.

Ebsus2 Gm Csus2+Gb The shots you hear are not echoes from a TV.

Bb Csus2 Close to home, death has had its day.


C Bb Ebsus2 Too many shots. When's it gonna stop? We wait for the final shot.

C Bb Ebsus2 Tomorrow this will end, forever more. That's what we're hoping for.

Ebsus2 Gm Csus2 Turn on the light and lay down your gun.

Ebsus2 Gm Csus2 Realize your a lucky one.

Ebsus2 Gm Csus2+Gb What's left behind is more than you and this song.

Bb Csus2+Gb The memories of the dead will live on:

Bb Csus2+Gb Crystal Hamilton,

Bb Csus2+Gb Officer Lee Newbill,

Bb Csus2+Gb Paul Bauer,

Bb Csus2+Gb and a guy I wouldn't want to know.