A Good, Good Man

©2011 Garrett Clevenger



E                         It's a good, good man who admits he can be bad deep inside. 

                           (Deep inside. Deep inside. Deep inside.)

D    A    E            It's a good, good man who says he's been bad       on the outside.


G  D  A    E          Everyone wears a mask,          what they want you to see,       just like me.

D  A  E                But deep down      lies a raging beast.

G  D  A    E          Call it the devil      or an animal          that takes its toll.

D  A  E                You see it when    people lose control.




G  D  A    E          Lyin', cheatin', hurtin',    might leave you dead      to get ahead.

D  A  E                Anger, envy, vengeance make it spread.

G  D  A    E          Even if it's   only   fantasy,       it's a sin.

D  A  E                Imagining    suffering     is grim.




G  D  A    E          A good man tries to        walk the higher road,      even when

D  A  E                the badman's explodin'    deep within.

G  D  A    E          A good, good man          admits it's difficult                   bein' adult

D  A  E                but won't let that badness take a hold.




G  D  A    E          You may have a bad taste in your head        for being bad.

D  A  E                Say your sorry.  Don't just sit there sad!

G  D  A    E          You may have someone apologize               for their crimes.

D  A  E                Forgive if you feel they've realized




G  D  A  jam and speedup


G  D  A    E


Chorus chords and melody ending