Adventure On the Road

©2009 Garrett Clevenger


E    A              Rollin’ down the road one day.          What more can I say?

B      E             I got my lady by my side                    and we’re headin’ on our way.

E    A              Up ahead the sun is low                      as we are heading east.

B      E             Which means we’ve got lots of light like it outta be.



B  A    E          A great old American adventure on the road.

B  A  B            Sometimes it seems to me      we are born to roam

E    A              with or without a map.            Like a rollin' stone.

B      E             A great old American adventure on the road.




E    A              From the Sound of Seattle      up the Rockies reachin' high

B      E             over the Great Plains              where wagons used to ride.

E    A              Now highways connect it all and eastward we our bound

B      E             'til we swim in the Atlantic     and hear another ocean's sound.




E    A              It don't matter where you're from       we all need to roll

B      E             and maybe the best things                   how you feel when you get home

E    A              but that ain't for a while.                     We still got the open road.

B      E             Let's shift into a higher gear               as our adventure unfolds.




hold B:


That includes Canadian

and amigos Mexican

and obviously African

and if your European

and even Asian

and also Australian.

Don't forget the alien.

and every man and woman

needs adventure on the road.