An Earthday Speech
Presented Earthday
Friendship Square
Moscow, Idaho

It's not everyday that our society gathers to celebrate our home, planet Earth, and it's not everyday the Dragon ventures into the city streets. But it is everyday, all day, that we humans leave our footprints. We impact our planet in countless ways. Unfortunately, most of it is at the detriment of other inhabitants. Everything we do has its consequences, including this rally. Was all the time, energy and resources which were used to bring this together necessary? Do the benefits outweigh the costs? Perhaps the Dragon is a little extravagant, but it is definitely an eye opener.
The message of environmental stewardship needs to be told. Someone needs to hold the mirror in front of our faces, so we can see what we're doing, and perhaps reflect back a more sustainable approach. Public demonstrations like this are one way to get the message out.
Where do we draw the line of impact? I draw the line at fragmenting our wild lands any further. The powers that be have plans to chop up the largest remaining roadless areas left in the lower 48. A place that's in our backyard. The heartland of the wild. A place they are selling to an industry that couldn't care less about the sustainability of the local communities or the ecosystem. What happens when it's all gone?
I draw the line at salmon extinction. I don't value the dams over a creature which is vital for cycling nutrients from the ocean to the forests. If the salmon go extinct on the Snake River, we have destroyed a cycle which has ensured a healthy forest. What happens then?
I draw the line at genetic engineering of plants and animals. We are opening pandora's box with this powerful technology. What happens if something backfires?
I draw the line at nuclear proliferation, ozone depletion, strip mining, air and water pollution and the overall exploitation of substances which are necessary for our long term survival. What are we leaving for our children?
There are to many unanswered questions in our quest to progress.
So where do you draw the line? It's up to you to decide. Learn about the issues. When you do, you'll be concerned about something. And that passion will fuel your desire to bring about change.
We are so short sighted. We are leaving a sad legacy in the name of progress. We have countless battles to fight, numerous causes to take stand up for. What else can we do? Once you see what's going on, it's impossible to rest easy. Not only does our environment need our help, it deserves our respect. It's not that much to ask.
This dragon represents many things. To me it represents the line. When we parade, think about your home. its beauty, what it has given you, your Life. Fall in Love with Earth. It's worth every beat in your heart. Think about problems you have noticed. Are there too many cars, too many fast food restaurants, too many dams? All of this can be reduced with a little thought. It's easy. Draw the line. Earth is worth your best.
Garrett Clevenger