©2004 Garrett Clevenger




A story about love, heartbreak and finding how these emotions can move our society towards understanding the Golden Rule. Collective consciousness comes from feeling a connectedness towards other living beings in our environment. That leads to treating each other as we would be treated. That kills fear which means no more greed, means no more hate, means no more judgement. No injustice, no more poor, no more crime and no more war means more money for our children, means more love for our future. It's in the ocean of our tears. Right this moment, hear their cheers. This symphony can use your harmony. Thanks for reading. Peace and the best for you.


00) Prologue
01) Malcolm's Window
02) The Ring
03) Mind of the Masses
04) Fear and Society
05) Salmon
06) Religion
07) Drink of the Gods
08) Heartbreak
09) An Ideal Society
10) Falling In Love
11) Resonance
12) The Next Level
13) True Love
14) A New Perception
15) One With the World
16) Reaching Out
17) The Phoenix
18) The Beach
19) The Hike
20) The Genetics of Enlightenment
21) Moving In
22) Cami
23) Insecurities
24) Dinner For Three
25) The Ones Who Knew
26) Sex
27) The End
28) New Beginnings