Maynard, the Amazing Man

©2008 Garrett Clevenger


G        D    G               Whenever the dust settled,                 Maynard made his way.

F  D  C  D  G              He knew it was gonna be a kick-ass day.

G        D    G               Left behind were his troubles,            he laid the final blow.

F  D  C  F D G           He showed the world who then let him know.



Am  F  D  C  G                       Maynard, you're amazing, man, indeed.

Am  F  C  F  G                       We love you, dude, and will give you all you need.

Am  C  G  F  Am  C  D          You don't ever have to ask, I'd even give you my life.

Am  F  D  C  D  C  G             You're amazing, Maynard man.  You can also have my wife.


G        D    G               Wherever Maynard went        everyone felt the same

F  D  C  D  G              and everyone wanted to have Maynard's name.

G        D    G               But there was only one person           who could fill Maynard's shoes.

F  D  C  F D G           and that wasn't me and I'm sure it wasn't you.




G        D    G               After he passed away,                        we began to see the truth.

F  D  C  D  G              Maynard turned out to be                  like me and you.

G        D    G               He had his issues and problems          and things that brought him down,

F  D  C  F D G           but he still was the most amazing man around.