Mad Max Sacks the Middle East          ©2006 Garrett Clevenger
E7 D7 Eb7 E7 D7 Eb7 E7

E7 riff     
I'm producin' a movie, it's called Mad Max Sacks the Middle East.
E7 riff      Its just like the real thing. There's lots of violence there, at least, so
G7 C7     
we don't need to hire many actors for the scenes. We're
D7 G7      overdubin' music for their harmony of screams.

E7 riff     
I've recruited Mel Gibson to play the leadin' man.
E7 riff      The passion of this Christian will squeeze blood from the sand.
G7 C7      Or is it oil? God's gotta know.
D7 G7      I would gladly ask Him but they cancelled his show.

B7   E7
   I've been told the Middle East has always been a beast.
C7   G7    Funny, 'cause that's also the place of the last feast of the
B7   E7     prophet of the Christians' who was killed and rose again. I
C7   G7    guess you reap what you sow no matter where or when.

E7 riff      It makes one wonder when we'll learn the Golden Rule
E7 riff      and take responsibility and not act like such a fool. But we
G7 C7      like to be entertained so I'm givin' it a shot. I'm
D7 G7      exploitin' our aggression to put the profits to this thought.

E7 riff     
They'll play my movie night and day on networks and cable.
E7 riff      Everyone will memorize every line 'til they're able to
G7 C7      understand the point of it and appreciate the fact my
D7 G7      movie's wealth is derived from countries we've attacked.


{G7 Gb F E7 E7 F Gb G7}


{G7 Ab A7} {A7 Bb B C7} {C7 Db D Eb E7}

E7 riff     
When I win an oscar or three I won't wear a tuxedo.
E7 riff      I'll accept it butt naked and rake in the big bucks. You know,
G7 C7      I'll form a Foundation to give it all away to
D7 G7      those who are building a better place to stay and,
G7 C7      yes, there are many places like that around.
D7 G7      If you look around the world they're bound to be found.
G7 C7      Like Moscow, Idaho and Canmore, Canada where
D7 G7      can-do people come together to build Utopia.
G7 C7      I won't to spoil the ending to my movie
D7 G7      'cause I want you to pay to see Mad Max Sacks the Middle East.
G7 C7      Mad Max Sacks the Middle East.
D7 G7      As it blows up we'll build a world of peace.


{G7 Gb F E7 E7 F Gb G7} Jam {G7 Ab A7} {A7 Bb B C7} {C7 Db D Eb E7}