Lovers Lead the Night

2007 Garrett Clevenger


D    Bm     "Please come in my parlor,"

D    Bm     said the maiden to her man.

G    Bm     "I've been waitin' to give you

A    Bm     "all my lovin' if I can.


D    Bm     "I've been wantin' to hold you

D    Bm     "and look deep into your eyes.

G    Bm     "To hear your breath below me

A    Bm     "as I give you a surprise."



Gbm     G       In a moment of passion,

Bm  A  Bm     when the night is crawlin' with delight,

Gbm     G       "You know I am with you."

Bm  A  G       Lovers lead the night.

Bm  A  D        Lovers lead the night.


D    Bm     For eons love has spoke these words

D    Bm     in languages we can consume.

G    Bm     From the colors of a peacock

A    Bm     to the perfume of a flower in full bloom.


D    Bm     The mystery is there to see

D    Bm     and touch and taste, see and smell.

G    Bm     Once you've felt the feelin'

A    Bm     it's impossible to break the spell.



Bm  A  G               the lovers lead the night.



Bm  A  D                Lovers lead the night.