Listen To Your Heart

2001 Garrett Clevenger


Am C Gather round children and listen to my words,

Am D I've got a story to tell you and it hasn't been heard

Am E by the ears of a man who hasn't yet learned

C G to listen to his Heart.


It came into my Mind while my eyes were closed.

Shut out from the visions of society's woes.

It's a truth of Life which very few know:

you've got to listen to your Heart.



Am C Am D Can you feel Her beat, under your feet?

Am E C G It's the rhythm of our Earth, we've been one since birth.

Am C Am D Can you hear Her cry and do you know why?

Am E C G There is something wrong and it won't be long 'til we

D Am see the truth in the Life we lead.

E Am Look around, don't just listen to me.

D Am Can't you see we're not playing our part, we gotta

C G listen to our Heart.


There once were a people, not long ago, who went

deaf to the beating, their ears were closed

to the teachings of the Masters who always do know:

you've got to listen to your Heart.


The people all perished amidst the chaos and flames.

They couldn't stop the fires, it was too late to change.

We can learn from their lesson and break our own chains

if we listen to our Heart.




So leave here my siblings, your hands have been filled.

Take what you've learned and strengthen your will

with the power of Love and the Joy you distill as you listen to your Heart.