Land of Goo

2001 Garrett Clevenger


E    G                 It was a cold night

E    G                  but our fire kept us warm.

E    G                  It's amazing that a piece of wood

E D  C               could take on such a form.


E    G                  Fire, an ancient flame,

E    G                  teased us with its lights.

E    G                  Casting shadows of our sensuous shapes

E D  C               into the quiet night.


E    G                  The silence was shattered by a wondering voice who

E    G                  asked me to tell her a tale.

E    G                  I sang a song of my encounter with a

E D  C               slimy shelless snail.


Am     C            Slugs, I sang, you might think

Am     C            truly are disgusting.

Am     C            They leave a trail of slimy goo,

Am  G  C          they aren't worth discussing.


Am     C            But one slug I met while strolling

Am     C            through a meadow in the woods.

Am     C            gave to me a precious gift,

Am  G  C          a treasure of slimy goods.


Am     C            Snopu was a special slug,

Am     C            regarded as a saint.

Am     C            and when I licked her slimy tail,

Am  G  C          I fell down in a faint.

Am  G  C          I fell down in a faint.

Am  G  C          I fell down in a faint.


{slower tempo}


C  F C                I awoke in the Land of Goo,

C  G C               covered with sticky slime.

C  F C                Everything was stuck together

C  G C               and Snopu was in my Mind.


{original tempo}


E     G                Snopu crawled out my nose,

E     G                where she fed upon my snot.

E     G                She cleaned me out completly

E D  C               and I was getting hot.


E    G                  I felt very clear, the

E    G                  finest I ever had felt.

E    G                  I ventured into Snopu, and

E D  C               I began to melt.

E D  C               and I began to melt.

E D  C               and I began to melt.


{slower tempo}

{hold C, let it flow}


C  F C                I emerged out the slimy trail

C  G C               Snopu left behind.

C  F C                I thanked her for the chance to taste her

C  G C               very special slime.


{original tempo}


Am     C            My story must have cast a spell,

Am     C            like our Fire burning through.

Am     C            My friend and I soon were covered

Am  G  C          with slime from the Land of Goo.

Am  G  C         with slime from the Land of Goo.

Am  G               with slime from the Land of Goo.


{fast tempo}


E    G                  I want to take you to the Land of Goo

E    G                  where we can act like slugs.

E    G                  We can roll around along the ground

E D C                 and let our bodies rub.


E    G                  We can share our slime in endless time, in

E    G                  wild abandonment.

E    G                  I'll stick to you like sticky glue and

E D  C               go where Snopu went.


E    G                  Open your eyes you'll be surprised 'cause

E    G                  slugs are all around.

E    G                  So look and see that we are free to

E D  C               roll along the ground.