2013 Garrett Clevenger


D        G          Kids, kids, my cutie kids laugh and play with me.

A        G    D   When they're here we have much fun with youthful energy.

D        G    D   When they're gone I miss them tons the way it's supposed to be.

A        G A D    I wish they'd never leave me. They're my family.


D        G          Young and Briley sometimes fight over stupid things.

A        G    D   They cry and shout and fuss about just like all siblings.

D        G    D   Then they remember the good times when we sing,

A        G A D    so they'll dance together 'til they're back laughing.



G        D              Kids, kids, come back home.

G        A              I don't want to be left alone.

G        D              Next time I see you, you'll get a bigger hug.

A    G  A G D      Your daddy always loves. You're his kiddy drug.


D        G          Sometimes I get mad at them when they seem rotten.

A        G    D   But that doesn't last long. My anger's soon forgotten.

D        G    D   After all they're just kids learning how to act.

A        G A D   There are adults who are way bigger brats.


D        G            Sometimes they get mad at me when I tell them, "No.

A        G    D   "you can't eat all the candy or watch another show.

D        G    D   "you gotta do your home work and clean up your mess."

A        G A D     I don't say that to be mean, just to do what's best.