Johnny's Balloon
©2006 Garrett Clevenger

Johnny's mom bought him a ballon.
Em                 It was two feet in diameter and also blue.
Am                 He blew it up all the way
Em                 and gave it to his friend Shawnay.
C   G              She said, "Thanks, Johnny
C  Em  Am   but I only like red."

You can imagine how he felt.
Em                 No one wants a friend who dealt.
Am                 disrepect and ingratitude,
Em                 even over a dumb balloon.
C   G               So he took a pin and popped it.
C  Em  Am    It went "boom."

Am                 Shawnay came by the next day after school
Em                 and said to Johhny, "You know I think you're cool.
Am                 If you have a balloon even if it's blue.
Em                I want it because it's a gift from you."
C   G               She leaned in and kissed him and
C  Em  Am    took him to his room.

F     Em             
Patch your balloon, Johnny and blow it up again.
C    Am              Sometimes Shawnay don't know what she's done.
F   C  G              It can still hold your air. It's a symbol that you care.
Am  F                 So patch it up again
C Em
Am          if you dare.

Am                 Shawnay and Johnny were holdin' hands
Em                 swayin' to the rhythm of the band.
Am                 The next thing they heard was a boom like before.
Em                 The balloon fell straight away towards the floor.
C   G              It popped 'cause Shawnay
C  Em  Am    ran out the door.

Am                 A pickle is made from salty brine.
Em                 and that's what your in when you're cryin'
Am                 'cause your balloon's been popped once again.
Em                 from someone you call a better friend
C  G               is insensitive and
C  Em  Am    offends.


Am                 Johnny's ballon is filled up all the way.
Em                 There is a slow leak but he says that's ok.
Am                 It's also got some warts from the patches that distorts
Em                 It's shape may not be a perfect orb.
C   G              Can you think of a
C  Em  Am    better metaphor?