Jimmy Cracked Corn

©2001 Garrett Clevenger


A    G  A I want to tell you a story that you might understand.

A E G D A Perhaps somethin' you might comprehend.

G    A A little story that makes sense, think I,

E    A but only if you care to know "Why?"


A G D A There was a boy named 'Jimmy,' you see,

A G A who, if you care to know,

A G D E A cracked corn while he contemplated Life.


A    G  A He awoke before dawn and put his boots on

A E G D A to venture into the pre-morning light.

G    A He gathered his corn shatter them 

E       A while the pain in his feet from his 1-size-too-small boots pinched the nerves in his toes.

A G D A "Suffering brings enlightenment."

A G A Well, Jimmy needed some 

A G D E A light to make his harvest a little easier.


A    G  A Jimmy spent hours cracking his corn.

A E G D A I didn't care that the corn was being cracked.

G    A I prefer the fresh cobs of corn picked right off the plant.

E          A If you've never tried fresh, uncooked, sweet, juicy corn on the cob I suggest that be the next thing you eat.  Seriously.


A G D A He didn't care that I didn't care

A G A so long as I knew that he understood that

A G D E A it was not the cracking of corn he was after

A    G  A but the contemplating of the 'Meaning of Life'

A E G D A which brought him understanding and enlightenment,

G    A which, ironically, he wouldn't have needed

E            A if he slept in a little bit longer. If you've never slept in, then I suggest that be your next morning awareness.


A G D A I understood that 

A G A he didn't care that 

A G D E A I didn't care about his cracking of corn.

But I do understand the importance of spending time

A    G  A pondering the existence of Life 

A E G D A be it through the cracking of corn

G    A or the cutting of grass on a hot summer day

E              A or for that matter, sitting in a hammock in the shade on a hot summer day while watching your poor, unenlightened neighbor fertilize and water his lawn little realizing he'll spend more time cutting grass than Jimmy will be cracking corn.


A G D A I do care 

A G A about Jimmy's search for Truth.

A G D E A Everybody has something they do which allows their 

A    G  A mind to detach from their human body.

A E G D A Mine happens to be playing guitar.

G    A If you've never played guitar I suggest 

E           A that be the next instrument you learn how to play.


A G D A If you don't care for that, 

A G A than I understand,

A G D E A just as long as you don't hurt anybody

A    G  A in trying to figure out what could possibly be

A E G D A the reason or meaning for your existence here.

G    A If you've never thought of that than I suggest you oughta go 

E               A crack some corn. You're bound to find there's more to Life than that! But, mind me, cause I'm the one playin' the guitar until I decide to journey some where else.

A G D A It might be interesting 

A G A to be a corn seed

A G D E A and to be cracked and smashed, to understand 

E        A what it's like to be ground up into corn dust. Than I might care if Jimmy cracked corn.